New Advantage-Lab Thermostatic Water Baths!

We are proud to announce Advantage-Lab launched a new line of Thermostatic Water Baths! More specifically, we expanded tour range with different bath capacities and  methacrylate Plexiglas baths! This range is available at even more competitive prices! Further information about this innovative line can be found under "products +" or at your local distributor "distributor +"


AL03-05-230 Full immersion thermostat 230v


AL03-06-230 Heating Thermostat 12 liter bath


AL03-07-230 Heating Thermostat 20 liter bath

AL03-08-230 Heating Thermostat 27 liter bath

AL03-09-230 Heating Thermostat 45 liter bath


AL03-12-230 Heating Thermostat 8 liter Clear bath


AL03-13-230 Heating Thermostat 12 liter Clear bath

AL03-14-230 Heating Thermostat 20 liter Clear bath

AL03-15-230 Heating Thermostat 27 liter Clear bath

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