New Advantage-Lab Heating Water Baths!

We are proud to announce Advantage-Lab launched a new line of Heating Water Baths! We can offer our valued customers and researchers 4 different baths in an analog and digital version! This to reply even better to the specific requirements of each and any research project! For any further info please do not hesitate to contact us or one of our "distributors +":


AL05-07-230  Water bath 5 liter digital


AL05-08-230  Water bath 12 liter digital

AL05-09-230  Water bath 20 liter digital

AL05-10-230  Water bath 45 liter digital


AL05-11-230  Water bath 5 liter analog


AL05-12-230  Water bath 12 liter analog

AL05-13-230  Water bath 20 liter analog

AL05-14-230  Water bath 45 liter analog

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